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Laguna Beach Real Estate

Laguna Beach Luxury Real Estate

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Laguna Beach Luxury Real Estate Area Info

Laguna Beach Real Estate - A Beachside Luxury Dream Come True

Laguna Beach real estate is globally known as one of the most prominent places to live. The city is known for having one of the best spectacular coastlines, immaculate coves, idyllic beaches, and mesmerizing cliffs anywhere in the nation. Although Laguna Beach has a population size of 23,365 (2015 Census estimates), the city attracts several million visitors annually for the Mediterranean climate, miles of coastline, scenic coves, village-scale shopping district, walkable downtown, bluff-top walkways, and the number of special art festivals held year-long; such as, the Sawdust Art Festival and Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters. Laguna Beach's sensational beauty also has made Laguna an art colony of great renown – and an artful place to live, offering an eclectic and appealing mix of architectural styles and communities.


For those who have visited Laguna Beach, they most likely could not have resisted the prospect of residing in a permanent paradise, at least for a moment. With seven miles of city beaches and towering hills, captivating coastal views, an ideal mix of fine dining and casual fare, outdoor adventure, unique shopping experiences, and plenty of arts & culture, is what set's Laguna Beach apart from other Southern California beach destinations. Laguna Beach real estate attracts home buyers around the globe. Whether you are looking to purchase a second home or considering moving to this prime destination to enjoy it year-round, Moaddab Realty offers services that can provide a true glimpse into life as a local, and help get you closer to that dream


The four main areas in Laguna Beach are as follows:


Laguna Canyon

Laguna Canyon area is known to be the least expensive area to purchase a home in Laguna Beach. This area of homes offers more square footage for less money than the homes closer to the beach. Laguna Canyon is one of the two ways to get into Laguna Beach, aside from Pacific Coast Highway.


Laguna Village

Laguna Village is the downtown of Laguna Beach. This area offers art galleries, shops, restaurants, the Main Beach, and much more. Many of the homes in this area are only walking distance to the Main Beach and local shops. The home designs in this area are distinguished and diversified - everything from log cabin to contemporary styles can be found here. 


North Laguna

The best group of luxury gated communities are in North Laguna. This area is where most of the exemplary coastal enclaves can be found in Southern California. Additionally, this area is known to be the most expensive region of Laguna Beach. The area is typified with beautiful beaches, exceptional views, and privacy. Some of the best premier, private, communities in this area are known to be: Emerald Bay, Irvine Cove, and Smithcliffs.


South Laguna

South Laguna is typified with great beaches and resort hotels like the Ritz Carlton. Many of the homes in this area have ocean, and Catalina Island views. This area is also home to some of the best luxury communities in the world, such as, "Three Arch Bay" and "Montage Residences" to name a few.


The best of Laguna Beach real estate lies in the 21 distinctive neighborhoods and communities, where ocean view estates abound. Make your dream a reality by finding your perfect Laguna Neighborhood below!


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Laguna Beach Homes

Aliso Laguna - Laguna Beach
Alta Vista - Laguna Beach
Arch Beach Heights - Laguna Beach
Blue Lagoon - Laguna Beach
California Cove - Laguna Beach
Canyon Homes - Laguna Beach
Coast Royal - Laguna Beach
Creekside - Laguna Beach
Crown Point - Laguna Beach
Emerald Bay - Laguna Beach
Emerald Terrace - Laguna Beach
Irvine Cove - Laguna Beach
Laguna Lido - Laguna Beach
Laguna Ocean Vista Condos - Laguna Beach
Laguna Royale - Laguna Beach
Lagunita - Laguna Beach
Lower Bluebird - Laguna Beach
Main Beach - Laguna Beach
Montage Residences - Laguna Beach
Mystic Hills - Laguna Beach
North Laguna - Laguna Beach
Park Avenue Estates - Laguna Beach
Portafina - Laguna Beach
Rancho Laguna - Laguna Beach
South Laguna Bluffs - Laguna Beach
South Laguna Village - Laguna Beach
Smithcliffs - Laguna Beach
Summit Ridge - Laguna Beach
Terraces - Laguna Beach
Temple Hills - Laguna Beach
The Coves - Laguna Beach
Three Arch Bay - Laguna Beach
Top of the World - Laguna Beach
Upper Diamond - Laguna Beach
Upper Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach
Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach
The Village - Laguna Beach
Woods Cove - Laguna Beach
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